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Family Playbook Tips from New Orleans Saints Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Drew Brees

Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees is sharing tips with dads for Father’s Day from his Family Playbook.

Forbes Magazine dubbed him “America’s most loved quarterback.” At home, as husband and father to his three active sons, Brees is very happy enjoying his role as dad. “We are in the full offseason swing now in the Brees household. We have been able to enjoy a lot of great family time and there is never a dull moment when raising three young boys!”

As his role on the field is to set his team up for success during each game, Brees is focused on also setting his kids up for success in life. Leading by example, he creates game plans for their Family Playbook.

For Drew, it’s about being together as a family and making the effort to spend time together whether it’s playing sports, doing homework or eating a big New Orleans inspired meal together.  With all of this activity, that can lead to lots of messes and laundry!

The great thing about the Tide Plus Collection is that you can literally customize your laundry experience for your unique family needs—right now, athletic wear and stains are my family’s biggest laundry challenges, but as our family grows and evolves we’ll be able to pick out other products that help us with new stages in our lives.

For workout gear or my kids’ clothes after playing in the yard, I love Tide Plus Febreze Sport because it’s great for special fabrics used in athletic wear and getting the stink out of them… those fabrics are made to trap sweat and wick it away from your skin as you work out but they can also trap odor!

And in the off season big family dinners are a normal part of our routine but with three boys, you can imagine how messy that can be. After our favorite, spaghetti night, we rely on Tide Ultra Stain Release to get out any stains that come from the meal.

Dads everywhere can take on Laundry Day with their kids and create their own game plan with the  Tide Plus Collection that works for your unique laundry needs as a family.  Laundry can be a no-brainer with the right game plan. And, as Brees points out, game plans are a great way to show your kids how to tackle any job or challenge.

Not to mention, the Brees Family Laundry Day game plan keeps the family looking sharp and smelling fresh.

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